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Uriosta-40 tablet contains febuxostat. It is a non-purine selective inhibitor of  xanthin oxidase . It works by blocking xanthin oxidase enzyme present in the body which lowers the uric acid present in the blood. It is used for chronic gout and hyperuricemia.

  • Xanthin oxidase inhibitor
  • Used for the treatment of gout
  • Hyperuricemia

Twice daily

Febuxostat is a non-purine selective inhibitor of  xanthin oxidase. It produces its pharmacological action by causing blocking of molybdenum pterin on xanthin oxidase which is the active site. Xanthine oxidase is needed for the oxidation of both hypoxanthin and xanthin to uric acid. Febuxostat inhibits the xanthin oxidase and decreased the production of uric acid.


After oral administration the drug is about 49% absorbed. The maximum plasma concentration is attaining in 1-1.5hrs. After consecutive doses the concentration maximum is  1.6 ± 0.6 mcg/ml.


About 99% of the drug is bound to plasma protein. The apparent volume of distribution is about 50L. The drug is metabolised by conjugation through UGT enzymes and oxidation through cytochrome P450.


The drug is excreted through two pathways i.e renal and hepatic. About 45% of the drug the drug is excreted through urine.

  • The drug is contraindicated in those patients who are under treatment with azathioprine and  mercaptopurine
  • After the initiation of the drug there is a increased in the gout flares due to the reduction in the serum uric acid level.
  • Some patients shows fatal and non-fatal hepatic failure
  • Can cause adverse cardiovascular events